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Top 5 Free Video Editing Software

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Need to edit a video? Of course, you do. Video is a fantastic way for your audience to connect with you, and it’s even more effective when it’s entertaining, has stunning visuals and professional editing to get that point across. There are plenty of selections available for free movie editing, however, this depends on your operating system.

Whether you’re making fun videos with your friends or family or want to create professional-grade footage, you’ll need to consider which software is right for you. However, choosing the best movie editing software for your needs can be tricky. Mainly because there are so many different programs on the market.

Finding an accessible yet professional video editing app on the web is not that easy. But we’ve just done the searching for you. Here, we present you with a list of our top 5 free video-editing software you can use to create cool cinematic effects and much more.

5. Lightworks

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As you work on projects that require video editing, you need to get your video editing software to the point where it is easy to use and edit. Lightworks is a free video editing software that is easy to use. It has a convenient interface that will speed up your work and allow you to preview your video before exporting it.

Lightworks is the gold standard when it comes to free video editing software. It houses powerful features such as multi-camera and multi-track editing that allow you to easily edit clips from several different video cameras into just one project. You can share projects and collaborate with other users while editing videos in real-time.

Lightworks is a professional video editing software that provides a range of high-end features that are only available on expensive packages. Key examples include the ability to import and export footage in the background and preview effects before applying them to your video.

You can adjust the colour balance, trimming, contrast and noise reduction. You can also create a professional-looking video that can be published on YouTube or Vimeo. To export your final video, you just have to select the target device.

The software is available to download for free on Windows, Mac, and Linux computers. If you later want to go premium, you can purchase a Pro license. This upgrade will allow you to export projects in different formats, create 3D masterpieces and share them on YouTube.

Operating System: Windows, Mac, and Linux

Price: Free; $24.99 per month for Pro version



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A free video editing software is not just a budget-friendly way to make videos; it can also be a time-saving tool. For example, VSDC is a free video editing tool that is the perfect match for families who want to make short videos for their children’s birthday parties, or for professionals who need to, for instance, quickly edit a presentation for their clients.

The free version exports videos to various formats, including AVI or MPG, and supports most video formats. Video editing is a tedious process, but with a little bit of patience, you can create your own videos with VSDC.

And what’s more? VSDC is non-linear, which means you can edit your videos without using the traditional timeline format. Using VSDC is easy; it’s a drag-and-drop interface. With VSDC, you can create professional-looking videos with ease.

It allows you to take your footage from GoPro or drones and stabilize them.

The pro version has additional features like motion tracking and masking. It also has tools that can be used for making charts for presentations.

Operating System: Windows

Price: Free; $19.99 for Pro version

3. ShotCut

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The ShotCut interface is easy to use and can be rearranged as you see fit. We particularly love the sophisticated timeline.

Recording and editing videos is a snap with Shotcut. This free video editing software is easy to learn and use. It has a mixture of features that allow you to play with the video and add effects.

You can import and export videos in different formats. It also comes with various free filters that you can use from the editing interface.

ShotCut supports a vast range of formats, offers an incredible number of filters and video effects and can handle up to 4K video quality. It also supports AV1 encoding and decoding so you can create content with the best quality possible.

However, a warning: Shotcut was initially designed for Linux, so some may find the interface a little quirky. Nevertheless, it’s still one of the best video editors around. However, adding transitions is unusual, so it takes some getting used to.

Operating System: Windows, Mac, and Linux

Price: Free


2. DaVinci Resolve

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It is number two on our list, and I will consider it the second best free video editing software for reasons that you will find out soon. DaVinci Resolve is among the most powerful video editing software tools on the market. It offers professional 8K editing, colour correction, visual effects and audio post-production all in one place.

DaVinci Resolve is not just for professionals either. It is excellent for beginners too.

DaVinci Resolve is a free software for people looking for a powerful, professional and beautiful video editing software that is easy to learn. You can learn the nitty-gritties in a few minutes and then move on to learning complex features later.

The basics of the software, once understood, enables you to edit your videos professionally and beautifully. It can enhance colour and audio, and many people use it in the industry because of this. 

DaVinci Resolve is accessible for advanced projects, however it can prove unusable for users without past video editing experience and that are not ready to learn.

It has offline and online editing features, resulting in high-performance playback. This speeds up editing even for processor-intensive formats like H.264 or RAW.

Operating System: Windows, Mac, and Linux

Price: Free; $269 for the full Studio version


1. Hitfilm Express

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When on a tight budget, finding software that’s both professional and affordable can seem challenging. However, look no further. Hitfilm Express is here, it is easy to use, professional, and affordable. It is number one on our list, and I will consider it the best free video editing software for reasons that you will find out soon.

Not only is it free, but it has a wide range of features that make your editing experience enjoyable. It has a built-in colour balance tool, which you can use to adjust the colour of your clips. You can also trim clips in new ways, which is perfect for getting rid of unwanted parts of your project.

Hitfilm Express also offers a wide range of exports, including exports for video, video animation, and video stills. It is perfect for amateurs, professionals, or anyone in between.

It contains elements that allow you to create and edit audio and video transitions without the need for composite shots. This means that you can just focus on editing during the creative process, which is already a very time-consuming task.

It also offers 3D effects for TV productions, music videos, YouTube videos and even special features you’d find in paid video editing suites like 4K video editing and 360-degree output. Though first-time users may find it a little puzzling.

Hitfilm Express is a free video editing software. And it however has its main downside; it weighs heavily on system resources. It will most likely perform poorly in low-end devices.

Operating System: Mac, Windows

Price: Free; Pay What You Want

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