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Twitter Marketing Strategy to Outperform your Rivals

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Marketing is a highly dynamic sector in which marketers are continuously competing for a larger slice of the pie.

We focused on the top Twitter marketing strategy for boosting followers and getting more out of your company’s social media account in this article.

Twitter, with over 192 million active users, should be a component of your marketing strategies.

It’s the top microblogging platform, and it’s a great source of customer information and potential for building your brand, driving sales, and attracting followers.

Twitter has gone through a lot of adjustments in recent years and it has received a lot of criticism in the media.

With a current average of 6,000 tweets every second, it’s difficult to foresee Twitter stopping to be a useful communication medium.

Building solid brand relationships and establishing an effective Twitter marketing strategy is achievable.

Only if you’re willing to put in the effort and have a little patience.

It will also take some trial and error and brainstorming to identify your brand’s exact approach, but the work will be worthwhile.

Reaching huge amounts of leads only through a free social media platform seems appealing, doesn’t it? But how do you know you’re creating great content that people will want to connect with?

In this article, we’ll address that question, as well as others, such as

What a Twitter marketing strategy is?

How you can use it for your brand?

And a list of tips you can use to become better to your Twitter marketing strategy.

Why Twitter is Unique Among Other Platforms?

Twitter is an excellent marketing tool for a variety of reasons:

  • Completely free to use.
  • Allows you to quickly publish and promote branded content.
  • Enables you to give quality customer care and support.
  • Serves as a search engine tool for you to find your rivals and their marketing material in order to determine which approaches they are employing.
  • May be used as a search engine tool to help customers locate and learn about your business.
  • Allows people to connect with followers, offer the most recent corporate developments, and engage your audience.


Twitter Marketing Strategy: Basics to Create a Good Content


Keep it Short and Simple

Keep it short and simpleTwitter has restricted its users to 140 characters since the launch in 2006. This has resulted in some quite clever abbreviations, narrow rants, and even the invention of URL shorteners. In 2017, they increased their character limit to 280. Some compared it to a lengthy rain after summer, but some were less than delighted.

Most users don’t use all 280 characters, it’s been proven that expanding your simple messages might result in more likes. But, no matter how you spin it, Twitter prioritizes conciseness compared to other platforms.


 Use Some Visuals

Use some visualsA visual marketing strategy for any social media site, including Twitter, may be beneficial. The visual element of Twitter’s news feed is continually used and abused by brands to help them interact with their audience.

The majority of the information you get daily is visual, your mind is designed to process it 60,000 times quicker. This means that employing images in place of your 280 characters might be more engaging than depending on text alone. Tweets featuring graphics generate 35% more retweets on average, according to Twitter.

So including images in your Twitter marketing strategy isn’t just a great idea; it’s a must. It’s one of the few methods to go above the 280 character restriction and communicate what words can’t.


 Use Appropriate Hashtags

Use HashtagsHashtags are everywhere these days. They’re present on almost every platform and appear to be overused by everyone. The hashtag has grown into something lot bigger, but also a lot more confusing, over the seasons. If you browse your Twitter feed, you’ll see a list of popular topics, many of which have a hashtag.

But what exactly will these hashtags do? The quick answer is whenever you include a hashtag in a tweet; Twitter indexes it and makes it discoverable. When a user clicks or looks for a certain hashtag, they are sent to a search result that displays all of the relevant postings in real-time.

Tweets with hashtags receive twice as much interaction as those without. Just be cautious not to overuse hashtags, since this might harm your engagement.


 Use a Poll and Ask Some Questions

Twitter MarketingTwitter polls are among Twitter’s newest features, but it doesn’t lessen their appeal. Simply searching “poll” on Twitter will result an exhaustive list of businesses that have posted their questions for everyone to see.

Using this tool as a brand may be a good method to get valuable audience input and guide your long-term Twitter marketing strategy.

It’s a perfect method to ask your followers amusing and fascinating questions. It allows them to see the humorous side of your business.

Another benefit is that you can use this information to produce visuals that are similarly helpful to your audience.

Similar results may be obtained by running a poll on your own Twitter account. With just one easy job, you can be both interesting and helpful.


 Curate Some Retweets

Twitter Marketing StrategyThis is one of the features that contribute to Twitter’s distinct mess of overlapping discussions. While retweeting useful material may appear to be a lot of work, it is one of the most effective ways to curate material on almost any social media network.

This may appear to be cheating, but it is not. Retweeting is a common habit on Twitter. Even asking for a retweet has shown to be effective, since it has the ability to increase your interaction significantly.

So, even though it seems odd, making retweetable content should be one of your top goals.

Don’t be scared to ask, because it will most likely benefit you more than it will harm you.

Then, spend a little time browsing Twitter for shareable material that your target audience would like.


How to Make a Twitter Marketing Strategy?

You should always enter social media with a strategy, and Twitter is no exception. The secret of success is knowing how the platform operates and how it ties into your broader social media strategy.

So, where should you start when you are trying to creating a Twitter marketing strategy?


  • Account Auditing

Does your company already have a Twitter account or even more than one? Your first action should be to list all account details and who on your team is accountable for them.

You’ll have a foundation for your Twitter success once you’ve examined your existing accounts. This will help to guide the following stage of your strategy: goal setting.


  • Goal Setting

Having said, an achievable goal is the first step toward success on any social media site.

You won’t be able to tell if your approach is having a beneficial influence on your business. 

You must need to understand what you’re trying to accomplish first.

These objectives must be aligned with your high-level company objectives and dissolved into measurable success factors.

You could wish to increase traffic to your website, for example.

Make a SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound) objective of increasing your average click-through rate.

You may use your Twitter audit’s foundation click-through rate to create a particular, attainable objective over a realistic time frame.


  • Examine the Competition

Don’t forget to check out your industry’s competitors’ Twitter profiles. Studying their social media may help you enhance your own by showing flaws or holes in their plan, as well as methods to differentiate yourself.

Twitter is an excellent tool for monitoring your competitors’ marketing activities. To see what they’re publishing, you may follow them or just search for them. You may also see basic interaction information like as the number of retweets, comments, and reactions.


  • Assign Responsibilities

You must guarantee that your accounts are being checked and that someone is responding to direct messages and mentions. Twitter conversations happen quickly. Your followers will see if you aren’t monitoring daily, and failing to be attentive and eventually will affect your brand.

Make sure that everyone understands their roles. Too much coverage might create issues if numerous team members attempt to react to the same tweets with duplicate or different responses.


  • Make a Guidelines

To make your messages simple and consistent, you’ll need a social media style guide. Guidelines also assist you in onboarding new team members and preventing social media missteps and errors.

Your rules should be distributed to everybody on your social media team and may incorporate components of your larger brand style guide, such as tone and audience information.


  • Schedule your Contents

You may also take advantage of the optimal times to post and increase your engagement by planning your tweets.

These timings are based on overall Twitter participation; your specific audience may be more engaged at various times.

You may learn what times are optimal for you by monitoring your success with analytics and adjusting your publishing schedule appropriately.

Planning your material requires some work upfront. It will spare you some time and works later on. You’ll be pleased you made it when you’re not scrambling during the last second to come up with a unique tweet.

A social media content calendar is important for coordinating the information you provide across all platforms and identifying any gaps and conflicts that can be addressed.

It is also beneficial to you. Planning ahead of time allows you to take advantage of any trending events.


  • Analyze your Influence

Once your marketing plan is in place, you must evaluate your efforts regularly and track your success against the SMART goals you established.

However, the amount of data accessible to you might be confusing; there are a multitude of indicators at your fingertips, including vanity metrics that aren’t necessarily important. So consider which indicators are truly important.

Collecting significant data will allow you to illustrate the success of your marketing efforts while also providing insights that will allow you to fine-tune your plan over time.


 Most Effective Twitter Marketing Strategies

Twitter Marketing StrategyWhen you first start using Twitter for business, there are several measures you should follow to guarantee you reach your target audience. You may or may not want to work into each of the following phases, depending on your goals, company size, and industry, so adjust them to your requirements.



Make Your Profile Unique by Personalizing and Branding it

Twitter Marketing StrategyWhenever someone checks at your company’s Twitter page, you want them to recognize it right away. That is, you should personalize and brand your Twitter profile with a business logo, colors, and any other recognizable and unforgettable characteristics. You may personalize your profile in a few different areas:

  • Handle: This is your Twitter account’s name, and it is how others will discover you. In general, your usernames should be consistent throughout social media platforms and incorporate your company name.


  • Header: Your header image is the top picture on your Twitter profile. You might develop a unique picture for your header, or you could use your logo or another branded picture.


  • Profile Photo: You need your profile pic to look good since it will display next to every tweet you make. Select your company’s logo or wordmark, and make sure to use the proper size for a clear and clean image.


  • Bio: Using 160 characters or below, a Twitter bio gives everybody who sees your profile a clear and precise description of what they’re about to see. This may include your company’s purpose statement, a brief explaining what it does, or something witty and entertaining.


  • Web URL: There is a section underneath your profile photo and bio where you may enter your URL to lead people to your website.


  • Location: This may appear to be a little detail, but including your location helps your profile feel more personal and authentic to viewers. This is particularly important for small companies with physical stores since customers want to be able to locate you physically.


Make a Twitter List

Twitter Marketing StrategyA Twitter List, which any user may create and see, is an organized set of Twitter accounts that you’ve chosen and sorted into certain categories.

On Twitter, you may create however many lists you want. Moreover, unlike the main feed, which is organized by Twitter’s secret algorithm, tweets in your lists are sorted chronologically, making it simpler to keep up with emerging topics and current events.

Twitter Lists are useful if you just want to follow certain accounts. You might divide your lists into categories like business inspiration, rivals, and target demographic so you can conveniently evaluate their posts, interactions, and content.

Organize a Twitter Chat


You may arrange and conduct a Twitter chat to connect your followers, debate a topic, build a feeling of community, and solicit feedback from your audience on anything you’re working on.

To host a Twitter Chat, select a topic, establish a timestamp for the chat, and establish a hashtag for the chat.

This information may be shared with your followers in a tweet, on your website, in your Twitter profile, or anywhere else you like.

Twitter Chats boost conversation and engagement on your profile while also getting people talking about your company. It also generates a more close connection between your audience and your company.

Be a Hashtag Expert

Twitter Marketing StrategyHashtags are available on many social media platforms, though they originated on Twitter. And they continue to be an useful tool for increasing your engagement and searchability on the platform.

Knowing where and when to use hashtags on Twitter will increase the effectiveness of your content and allow you to target consumers that like your interests.


 Maintain a Conversational Tone

Twitter Marketing StrategyIf you’ve been following Twitter for a while, you’ve seen businesses that appear to dominate the platform by tweeting sarcastic comebacks and mocking other businesses daily.

While this strategy appears to be working for them, they are a pretty good example of it succeeding for a brand. It’s tempting to submit to survivorship bias and believe that you, too, can achieve it, but you’re taking a huge risk that might backfire.

Consumers want to see companies that are authentic, polite, and helpful. They want to know that your business can provide guidance and that it cares about its customers. It’s difficult to achieve that if you’re continuously attacking your competitors.


Increase Traffic to Your Website

Twitter Marketing StrategyTwitter may assist you in directing visitors to your website; there are several options to incorporate your website’s URL on your account, as well as links to your websites in your tweets.

You can put your website Link to your Twitter profile underneath your bio or put it directly in your tweet. Retweet any post that has direct links to your website or blogs that have been shared by others.


Advertising on Twitter

Twitter advertising is an excellent approach to contact your target demographic. This will allow thousands of people to easily discover your tweets, allowing you to build your impact and following. This may be accomplished through sponsored tweets or Twitter Ads.

There are two ways you can advertise on twitter:

  • Promoted Tweets: Promoted tweets allow you to have your tweets show in the feed or search results of certain people. This is an excellent alternative for anyone trying to increase the number of visitors to a certain website. As long as you promote a tweet, your company will be charged a monthly fee.

Twitter Marketing StrategyTwitter will include your sponsored tweets in a regular campaign targeting the sort of audience you choose in your preferences. All Twitter users may interact with Twitter Ads in the same manner that they would with your content.


  • Twitter Ads: If you’re employing many sorts of tweets to achieve a single goal for your business, Twitter Ads is a perfect alternative. It’s great if you want to ramp up your following base and brand visibility through the platform.

Twitter Marketing StrategyWhen it comes to Twitter advertisements, your company may choose between several objectives such as app installations, video views, and website conversions, and also audience targeting for your campaigns. This option will influence the cost of running your ad.


 Make use of Twitter Moments

Twitter Moments are groups of tweets on a single topic or event. They’re like a “best of” compilation of tweets on your chosen topic. You may also add your own Moments feature to your profile for the followers to see.

Use Twitter Moments

You might arrange your Twitter Moments into sets of tweets to assist you to sell your company’s events and campaigns, as well as related industry news. They also contribute to your marketing efforts by giving your firm an entertaining means to promote the conversation of certain issues and/or events that are important to your organization to help you convey your brand recognition with audience members.


Get Your Twitter Account Verified

Verify your accountBased on the size of your company and sector, you may choose to seek to have your Twitter profile verified. According to Twitter, account verification requests are often accepted only if you are in music, acting, fashion, journalism, media, sports, business, and other significant interest areas.

Getting verified keeps your audience from following and also being confused by imposter accounts or accounts with identical content, usernames, and handles like yours.


 Cultivate Your Voice in Order to Get Popularity

Even if your account is managed by many team members, your tweets must have a common tone. While every brand (and every account) has an own voice, the best of them share key characteristics:

  • Display your personality

Your brand voice must be consistent throughout all channels and should represent your brand values. Are you a risk-taker? Is it amusing? Is it motivating? Daring? These characteristics need to be communicated with your tweets.

  • Be human as possible

Nobody enjoys a tweet that sounds like it was generated by a robot or a program. Twitter users want to know that there is a genuine person behind your account who is listening and connecting with them. Choose straightforward, understandable language over jargon and acronyms.

  • Be unique

Don’t keep tweeting the same thing. Posting the same message on all of your social media sites is a major no.  Each one of your tweets should be unique, else you will appear spammy.

  • Be honest

The objective of Twitter is not to get followers by any means possible; rather, it is to assist you in connecting with consumers and building trust with them.


Concentrate on Increasing Your Followers

Twitter Marketing StrategyThe more Twitter followers you get, the more people are viewing and engaging with your work. When you increase your Twitter follower count, you will have a higher chance of increasing brand recognition and driving more visitors to your website.




Tips on Becoming Successful on Twitter Marketing


  • Tweet on Peak Hours

There are specific days of the week or periods of the day when Twitter users are more engaged, which means they are more likely to interact with your postings.

By finding certain hours or days and publishing around them, you will increase impressions, engagement, and views.

According to several researches, the optimal time to publish is between 12 and 6 p.m. Others believe that the hours of 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. on Weekdays are the greatest.

Your peak publishing hours get determined by your target audience. Experiment how your campaigns are performing at various hours and days to see what works best for your company.

  • Perform Some Advanced Searches

Instead of sending out promoted tweets or emailing to existing clients, look for new ones by looking for industry-specific phrases.

Advanced searches bring up fresh leads in front of you. Reach out to those individuals and explain how you can solve their problems or assist them.


  • Use Twitter Video to Increase Interaction

Photos are more visually appealing than plain text, but videos exceed images. Twitter video allows users to capture new videos from their devices or submit current videos. Simply include a branded video in your tweets to increase their exposure.

Videos are an excellent approach to provide fresh information with followers. It reveals some backstage footage, provoke emotion, and extend the life of your tweets.

  • Use SEO in your Twitter Ads

Twitter Ads include keyword targeting. SEO  helps to engage Twitter users based on the terms and keywords you’ve included in your content and that they’ve looked for. This means you can contact your target audience at the precise moment your company, content, and services are most useful to them.


  • Create a Compelling Bio for your Profile

It is important to have a good and engaging bio for your Twitter page. This is because your Twitter bio will be the first thing they will see about your organization; it is your written introductory and should quickly describe what visitors can get from your page and content.


  • Engage with your Followers

It is important to remember to connect with your followers as your business develops and your Twitter follower count climbs. This will allow you to build personalized experiences for your followers and audience members, keeping them returning to your profile and developing a sense of brand recognition.


  • Promote your Upcoming Events

Twitter is an excellent tool for publicizing your company’s events You may design a specific hashtag for each event, just as you would for a Twitter campaign, or schedule a range of tweets to advertise any special event your organization is having. This way, your followers, will be able to learn all about your event and get all of the information they need to participate


  • Always Check your Direct Messages

Twitter, like other social media sites, offers users a Direct Message mailbox where they may contact you privately with any questions, concerns, or remarks. So, make it a habit to check your mailbox frequently.

This in a way influence the sort of customer service and support your company is recognized for.

This will also show the level of care you offer to your followers and clients.


  • Keeping Track on your Analytics

With all of the time, you’re investing into your company’s Twitter marketing strategy, you’ll want to ensure that your efforts are effective in meeting your objectives, whether they’re connected to driving more visitors to your website, boosting conversions, or raising brand recognition.

This way, your followers, will be able to learn all about your event and get all of the information they need to participate.

By reviewing your performance, you can assess your Twitter marketing success in these categories. To do this, you must first decide which metrics are important to you and then decide how you will measure them.


Start Using Twitter to your Advantage


Start Using Twitter to your AdvantageTwitter is a great multichannel marketing platform and social media network that every business can use.

It may assist you in driving more traffic to your website, increasing brand awareness, engaging your audience, developing personal interactions with your followers and customers, increasing conversions, and increasing sales.

Twitter is a one-of-a-kind platform with several opportunities for your company. You can develop a social identity that helps you promote your product or service easier. if you learn how to develop and exploit content that fascinates your Twitter audience.

Before you dive in, it’s a good idea to brush up on the fundamentals of Twitter marketing strategy.

Twitter prefers brief content with personality, so it’s a good idea to incorporate entertaining graphics and relevant hashtags if you want to perform well.

You may also engage with your followers by conducting polls or retweeting their material on your feed.

As you improve, you may begin using more complex methods to assist you to broaden your prospects for success. It’s best to find the right balance between your distinct voice and a conversational tone.

You can also seek out to an influencer whose voice might offer credibility to your campaigns.

Twitter is the ideal medium for businesses looking to promote their brand. It may take some time to acquire traction, but once it does, you’ll never look back.

Although the methods are similar, the degree of originality, innovation, and effort that organizations put into their client base is what distinguishes effective marketing tactics from the others.

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