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Vidiq vs TubebuddyTo compare the features of Vidiq vs Tubebuddy, with a desire to see which of the two comes out on top when it comes to tools or cutting edge advantages that improve YouTube SEO. I will consider what each tool has to offer and their pricing before concluding satisfactorily.

Whereas knowing how well your video will do when searched online is important, knowing search terms that people are entering in their video searches is more important since a key to traffic growth in SEO is the incorporation of competitor keywords into your content to ensure you come out on top and you as a channel owner are not left behind by the ever-changing search algorithm.

When it comes to comparing the features  of Vidiq Vs Tubebuddy, the comparison should be  therefore based on the following criterion to determine which tool is worth your money as a potential subscriber to their services as you seek to grow your channel as a YouTube user; and that is what we have done

Vidiq vs Tubebuddy – Keyword Research 


With TubeBuddy, once you enter your search term, you can see its Search Volume which enables you to get an idea of whether you should seek to rank for that term or not and how relevant the term is in helping you ward off competition.

The number of searches every month is a useful resource that TubeBuddy did well to have in its arsenal. TubeBuddy goes further by pulling up related search results which help immensely when used to draw traffic to your channel.

Anyone who has tried to appear in internet searches will have a remote idea of tags and how important they are in finding anything of interest online.

TubeBuddy collects all the popular tags and puts them in one place. This gives its user a big advantage should they choose to use these tags.

All these features, when used correctly (including the weighted/unweighted detailed results), can greatly help a user drive traffic to their channel and this would eventually mean growth over time.

The figure below shows unweighted results for the search term cyber security.

Tubebuddy - Keyword Research
Tubebuddy – Keyword Research


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Gives its user, as shown in the image below, statistics on which video has the highest number of views, the average views per search term, and the average number of subscribers on other channels that have used that search term.

These, when coupled with the information on which videos were last added, the videos’ average ages, the average score of the search term, search volume, and competition for that search term.

VidIQ comes out on top since it adds on to the preceding features, the top channels that rank for that search term, opportunities that the search term presents, related trending queries, and channels which eventually gives it more in-depth coverage and an edge over TubeBuddy.

The only disadvantage is the seeming difficulty in locating where the search bar is in VidIQ, in case a new user wishes to see in-depth results for their search term unlike in TubeBuddy where everything is clearly laid out and easily located by even the newest of users.


Vidiq - Keyword Research
Vidiq – Keyword Research


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Competitor Analysis


Pulls up analysis (see figure below) that ranges from views on YouTube, the number of videos posted to the channel, and the channel’s associated social media popularity in terms of (but not limited to) likes, upvotes, and mentions.

The analysis will include competitor tags as well and how the video in question ranks per tag used. The tags can be copied for personal use with or without modification though one needs to beware of ‘Black Hat’ SEO practices that will get one penalised.

There is a dedicated Channelytics button that, when clicked, helps a user analyse a competitor’s channel further in terms of traffic and subscribers when compared to their channel.

This feature can be supplemented with the website tool which will pit a user against a listed competitor, to see who is doing better.

Vidiq vs Tubebuddy - Competitor Analysis
Tubebuddy – Competitor Analysis



Gives a user some fantastic metrics that can help gauge the relevance of competitor videos related to search terms the user wants to rank for and what quality they need to provide viewers if their video is to rise in the rankings on Youtube.

This tool will go even deeper by pulling up the number of Facebook and Instagram followers the user’s competition has.

This helps the user put more work where the need is most pronounced especially when the video is compared to the user’s channel, which VidIQ will do with ease.

All this information is supplemented by tonnes of other details like tags that competitors are using for a given search term, which tags can be copied, modified to suit a user’s needs, and pasted for use to rank for their videos.

VidIQ also provides full details on competitors’ trending videos (which search can be stretched to include older videos) and how well those videos are doing in terms of traffic.

A user can also enter all the channels they consider competitors and VidIQ will keep tabs on them so the user keeps up with the competition, based on the consistent analysis.

There is nothing better than building something better and in this case, all a user has to do is improve upon what the competition is doing.

The next figures show VidIQ’s Competitor analytics

Vidiq vs Tubebuddy - Competitor Analysis
Vidiq – Competitor Analysis


Upload Features


Offers a user-friendly interface for the upload of videos, with a wide range of features to help the user upload videos in the best shape and these include, the description option that helps tailor a video description to suit the current need.

There is an inclusive section on the best practices that help a user nail that video title, a Facebook associated task button, an option to add Information cards, to mention but a few.

All these help the user to present their video in a way that will be appealing to the search engine and draw more people to it as that video keeps appearing in searches when it finally uploads, getting more reception.

This section comes with tags that will have a subsection covering the tags recommended for use (basing on relevance and search popularity) alongside targeted keywords. This eventually drives more traffic to the video which, on performing well, will generate more subscribers for the channel as well.

The most exceptional feature TubeBuddy has to offer as far as the upload process is concerned, is the SEO Studio, which is a simple to use tool that helps users optimize their videos by making vital suggestions for the title, and description.

This tool is complete with a ‘How to’ section that provides very handy tips in the battle to appear top of video searches.


Comes up with data in style with its SEO scorecard that also has a checklist that will help a user easily identify what they are missing in their attempt to rank higher in the searches.

There is an additional feature that helps a user to dictate how their thumbnail will appear and this can help too, as many people are influenced by visual aspects other than the actual subject matter.

VidIQ also has the tags feature alongside the level of activity on each. This section is supplemented by the recommended tags section that comes with a paid boost option that will help a user optimize a given number of videos in no time.

VidIQ will stretch even further to give you the best time you should upload your video and this can be changed basing on the days of the week, showing each suitable timeframe for each day.

For upload features, TubeBuddy emerges winner as it has superior features that offer more coverage, not forgetting that VidIQ which will call for practice before you can get familiar with all its features.

Additional Features

When it comes to comparing the additional features of Vidiq Vs Tubebuddy, below features should be taken into considerations.


The first outstanding extra here is the feature that enables users to organize and manage their comments, for example, comments can be filtered to show; only those which have no replies, and only those that have queries so they are all addressed.

Another great feature is the retention analyser which helps a user see which videos perform poorly and at what minute mark the users drop off those videos. With this knowledge, the user can add an Info card at that minute mark so that the person watching can click and view another better video instead of leaving the channel altogether.

The last great feature from TubeBuddy is its ability to do AB split testing of your thumbnails as this helps to indicate which video is performing better. So, it is put at the forefront where it can continue to garner more views.


Has some cool extra features that include real-time statistics that indicate how many hours of your video have been watched in the past year, day, hour, and minutes without forgetting the number of subscribers.

This display can be customized too, giving the user maximum control over their video metrics.

Another feature that adds immense value is VidIQ’s ability to pull up analysis of competitors by subscribers and this is tied to given keywords. This gives a user several hints on what to expect if they choose to try to rank for that search term.

The other noticeable and remarkable feature is the Channel Audit which will show the number of views, subscribers gained, increase in watch time (if any) and what a user needs to do more of, and which type of content they need to create more of, to improve their search visibility.

This feature avails competitor statistics as well and can be set to include only those channels you wish to monitor.

This when added on to the list of the content with the highest watch time, the highest total watch time, and the average watch time, will give the user quite a boost when the subsequent section that follows (covering videos that perform poorly in terms of lowest watch rate and audience retention) is rectified and re-optimised to improve the videos poor performance.

The final section shows metrics like titles that are wordy or too lengthy and this helps a user change to something better, while also including Info Cards to any videos that may lack them.

It has to be mentioned that both TubeBuddy and VidIQ have eased the lives of their subscribers by availing a Mobile App that helps anyone interested in monitoring performance while on the move, a factor which is very important in the digital age.

This is also consistent with Google’s ‘Mobile-First’ approach to SEO as search behavior is monitored in mobile devices first before considering desktop and tablet when making changes to their algorithm.

Vidiq vs Tubebuddy – Pricing

Pricing is an important factor that any user needs to give enough thought to so that they not only get value for money but also achieve their goal of driving as much traffic and as many subscribers as possible. When it comes to comparing the pricing of Vidiq Vs Tubebuddy, both platforms have free plans that will give any YouTube user some value though, for maximum benefit, a user needs to subscribe to the paid plans which are covered below:

TubeBuddy Pricing

TubeBuddy; offers a choice of three prices after the free plan, from which a user can select and this offer comes in a favourable format for channels that have less than 1000 subscribers as the price is greatly subsidized. This price even gets a further discount if the user chooses an annual plan though it must be mentioned that most of the features are on the ‘Legend’ plan.


Vidiq vs Tubebuddy - Pricing Analysis
Tubebuddy – Pricing Analysis


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VidIQ Pricing

VidIQ; also offers a choice of four prices in case one wants to upgrade from the free plan, and from these, a user can select the boost packages since the service also takes users with less than 1000 subscribers into consideration.

VidIQ, despite being cheaper by a few dollars and having many features to offer loses out to TubeBuddy which would be the ultimate choice as it offers more value for money as the clear winner – pound for pound, especially with its boost packages.

Vidiq vs Tubebuddy - Pricing Analysis
Vidiq – Pricing Analysis


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Based on the comparisons of the features elucidated above between Vidiq vs Tubebuddy. This would be a choice that a YouTube user would have to make if it came down to choosing one of the two. For maximum channel growth though, one could use both tools concurrently so subscribing to both would be the ultimate win.

Both VidIQ and TubeBuddy are extremely beneficial to social YouTubers and provide unequaled quality. So, whether you choose VidIQ or TubeBuddy, the trick is to choose one that matches your needs or whose free services you love the most or find more convenient to use.

FAQ | Vidiq vs Tubebuddy

Which is better VidIQ or TubeBuddy?

Based on the comparisons of the features elucidated above between Vidiq vs Tubebuddy. This would be a choice that a YouTube user would have to make if it came down to choosing one of the two. For maximum channel growth though, one could use both tools concurrently so subscribing to both would be the ultimate win.

Does TubeBuddy cost money?

TubeBuddy offers a choice of three prices after the free plan, from which a user can select and this offer comes in a favourable format for channels that have less than 1000 subscribers as the price is greatly subsidized. This price even gets a further discount if the user chooses an annual plan though it must be mentioned that most of the features are on the ‘Legend’ plan.

Can I cancel TubeBuddy?

Yes, anytime you want.

Is TubeBuddy free to use?

Tubebuddy do offer a free plan, check out the url above.


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